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  • third  adj. The ordinal form of the cardinal number three; Coming after the second.
  • third  n. The person or thing in the third position.
  • third  n. One of three equal parts of a whole.
  • third  n. (uncountable) The third gear of a gearbox.
  • third  n. (music) An interval consisting of the first and third notes in a scale.
  • third  n. (baseball) third base.
  • third  n. (golf) A handicap of one stroke every third hole.
  • third  n. A third-class degree, awarded to the lowest achievers in…
  • third  n. (archaic) One sixtieth of a second, i.e., the third in a…
  • third  v. To agree with a proposition or statement after it has already…
  • third  v. To divide into three equal parts.
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and base baseball divide golf handicap notes scale the

51 parole straniere da 11 definizioni straniere

achievers after agree agree␣with already archaic awarded cardinal cardinal␣number class Coming Coming␣after consisting consisting␣of degree equal every first form gear gearbox has hole interval into lowest music number number␣three of␣a one ordinal parts person position proposition second sixtieth statement stroke thing third third␣base third-class third␣class third␣gear three to␣the uncountable whole with

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